Another One Bites The Dust

January 25, 2017


Who would have thought that the Packers would fold up like an easy chair at the end of a cookout? Going into Sunday’s NFC championship game against the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay was riding a natural high that can only come from a 6 game winning streak ...or an afternoon with Seth Rogan or Snoop Dog (pick your poison). Both teams tote stellar quarterbacks and inconsistent defense so high scores were expected from both sides. Surprisingly, though they moved the ball well, Aaron Rogers and his offense just couldn’t make anything happen. A multitude of penalties and an unstoppable Julio Jones quickly brought the Packers crashing down to earth. Green Bay’s hopes of attending Super Bowl LI as anything other than fans was slipping through their fingers. While the Falcons executed play after play, Green Bay struggled, and I mean the struggle was real. A plethora of dropped passes that should have been easy catches, a stack of injuries and a couple of picks made you wonder if they thought this game was just a scrimmage. This coupled with an Atlanta offense firing on all cylinders put the Packers in a 31 point hole they just kept falling back into. Rodgers attempted to take matters into his own hands in the 3rd quarter, running the ball 3x himself on a 9 play scoring drive. A touch down by Jordy Nelson (playing with broken ribs which I still can’t understand) and Aaron Ripkowski plowing into the end zone for the 2pt conversion cut the Falcons lead to 22. But it was too little too late. Like popping a plan B on day 4, the damage had already been done and all Packer efforts at that point were in vain. They were immediately answered back with another Falcon touchdown and back in their familiar 31pt hole. As the 4th quarter began, if you were watching like me, you were just waiting for the game to end and the abuse to be over. Though in the end they were able to cut the Falcon lead down to 23 with a final score of 44-21, there was no Hail Mary saving grace from Rodgers on this here Sunday. Hopefully all those Packer NFC championship hats and t-shirts that were made this week are shipped to needy 3rd world countries instead of just tossed in the trash.

GameDay Dolls': Andi

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November 28, 2016

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