Can you be a “Lady” and a “Die Hard” football fan?

January 3, 2017



Men and the word football have been synonyms since the beginning of time. Women were only there to bring in the snacks for the afternoon or evening football hoopla and complain about how much noise the guys are making arguing bad calls and celebrating touchdowns!


NEWSFLASH, times have drastically changed. Women can become downright UN-ladylike when glued to the tube or sitting in a crowded stadium, cheering on and donning their favorite pee wee league, high school, and college or NFL jersey. If you’ve paid even closer attention, women are not only watching, but playing the game. Whether it’s a weekend game of flag football or pulling on the pads and hitting the gridiron as their male counterparts, females are toting the rock, so get use to it. Besides, who made the rule that only men could be a die-hard fan?


Nonetheless, those times have passed like a ship sailing silently during the night. Moreover, women are talking the talk. Female sportscasters, sideline reporters, football writers and broadcasters are routinely having a more prevalent role in relaying the news, and to no surprise, they are darn good at it. Take the time to watch His & Hers Jemele Hill, an educated sports journalist who takes her art seriously and is completely informed when she speaks of football or any other sports for that matter.


Household names such as Pam Oliver, Michele Tafoya and Sage Steele just to name a few have paved the way for our future female football journalist. Bring on the growth of women in football! Besides the NFL needs to have someone model their cute tees and jerseys, surely they aren’t making those for the guys? Unlikely on that statement! Regardless of outerwear, the ladies have stamped their existence into the world of football.


Disregard the potty mouths; it’s simply the die-hard passion. Who would have thought, a seamless effort to transition from stilettos to cleats!!


- GameDay Doll

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